Our services


Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) (from $100) 

Supervisa for Parents & Grandparents (from $1500)

Visitor status Extension (from $800)

Visitor status Restoration  (from $1000)


Family Sponsorship
(from $3,000)

Application made in / outside of Canada



Applications made in/outside of Canada (from $1200)

Study Permit Extension (from $1000)



Permanent Resident Applications

Economic Class- Express Entry
(from $1,500)

Canadian Experience Class

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Trade Worker


Other Services


Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for Work Permit (from $2200)

LMIA based Work Permit (from $1200)

Open Work Permit (from $1400)

Work Permit Extension (from $1000)


Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration (H&C) (from $2,800)

These applications present compelling cases for Permanent Residence for those who have been continuously in Canada for several years and
integrated into its society and culture.


Permanent Resident Card application (from $1000)

Canadian Citizenship application (from $1000)

Completed application Reviews prior to submission (from $500)

Status Update Request on existing application (from $250)

Consultation Fee (deductible from retainer fee)  (from $150)

Invitation Letter (from $100).